If you use this service, could you please send us a mail to npsang@ibcp.fr with details about your usage of the NPSA service (tools used, frequency, type of sequence, ..) ? Could you explain what makes this service unique for you ? Could you please add information about your country and your laboratory ? Thanks


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Paste a protein sequence databank in Pearson/Fasta format below : help

All sequence names must be different !

Output width :

CLUSTALW Parameters
Output format :
Output oder :

Pairwise alignment type :
Fast pairwise alignment parameters
Slow pairwise alignment parameters
K-tuple (word) size :
Number of top diagonals :
Window size :
Gap penalty :
Scoring method :
Protein weight matrix :
Gap openig penalty :
Gap extension penalty :

Multiple Alignment Parameters :
Weight matrix :
Gap opening penalty :
Gap extension penalty :
Residue-specific gap penalties OFF :
Hydrophilic gaps OFF :
Hydrophilic residues :
Percent of identity for delay :
Gap separation distance :
No end gap separation penalty :

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