If you use this service, could you please send us a mail to npsang@ibcp.fr with details about your usage of the NPSA service (tools used, frequency, type of sequence, ..) ? Could you explain what makes this service unique for you ? Could you please add information about your country and your laboratory ? Thanks


A brief introduction to HMMSEARCH
The program HMMSEARCH, belonging to the HMMER package, compares a query profile HMM against a sequence library. It generates a list of significantly similar sequence matches. This tool is very useful for homology detection, for the detection of motifs in protein sequences...
For further details, see HMMER homepage.

Availability in NPS@
HMMSEARCH is available :

The searching options correspond to the choice of the protein library. By default, the cutoff for E-values per sequence is set to 10.0 (an E-value per sequence takes into account all matches found in the sequence) : all matches found in a sequence that passed the per-sequence threshold will be reported.

NPS@ HMMSEARCH output example
The NPS@ HMMSEARCH output is divided into four parts.


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