If you use this service, could you please send us a mail to npsang@ibcp.fr with details about your usage of the NPSA service (tools used, frequency, type of sequence, ..) ? Could you explain what makes this service unique for you ? Could you please add information about your country and your laboratory ? Thanks


A brief introduction to PROSCAN
PROSCAN is a tool to scan a sequence against the PROSITE database. That is to say, to search for biologically relevant sites and signatures. By its algorithm (shared with PATTINPROT), PROSCAN allows search with errors. Errors are set by number of mistmatch allowed or by a level of significant biological information.

Availability in NPS@
PROSCAN is available :

By default the scan is made with no error.
You can include the PROSITE documentation in the result page.

NPS@ PROSCAN output example
The PROSCAN output is built in this way :


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