A brief introduction to PFSEARCH
The program PFSEARCH, belonging to PFTOOLS package, compares a query PROSITE profile (generalized profile) against a sequence library. This is a useful tool for homology detection, for the detection of motifs in protein sequences...
For further details about generalized profiles and PFTOOLS package, see the ISREC Profile Homepage.

Availability in NPS@
PFSEARCH is available :

The searching options correspond to the choice of the protein library and to the choice of the disjointness mode (with unique mode, multiple profile-sequence alignment between the same profile and the same sequence are not permitted).
In NPS@, pfsearch is used with normalized scores. Consequently, you have to choose a cut-off value for normalized scores.

NPS@ PFSEARCH output example
The NPS@ PFSEARCH output is divided into four parts.