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Sequence name (optional) :
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PSI-BLAST parameters:
Filter query sequence (-F) : (DUST with BLASTN, SEG with others)
Expectation value (-e, real) :
Number of on-line description (-v, int) :
Number of alignments to show (-b, int) :
Matrix (-M) :
Expectation value threshold for inclusion in multipass model(-h, real) :
Maximum number of passes to use in multipass version (-j, int) : (limited to 10)
Multiple hits window size (-A, int): (zero for single hit algorithm)
Threshold for extending hits (-f, int) :
Dropoff (X) value for blast extensions in bits (-y, real) : (default if 0)
??????? (-P) :
Gap opening cost value (-G, int) :
Gap extending cost value (-E, int) :
Dropoff value for gapped alignement (-X, int) : (in bits)
Expectation value (-N, real) :
Gapped (-g) :
Start of required region in query (-S, int):
End of required region in query (-H, int): (-1 indicates end of query)
Number of processors to use (-a, int) :
Constant in pseudocounts for multipass version (-c, int) :
X dropoff value for final gapped alignement (-Z, int) : (in bits)
-m, -I, -O and -J options are not supported.